Common Concerns Related to Medications for Opioid Use Disorders in Jails

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Presenter(s): Lt. Penelope Sapp (Kitsap County Jail), Victor Mendez (Family Health Centers – Omak), and Mandy Owens, PhD (UW ADAI)
Date: March 2021

This third module of the training series addresses common concerns related to MOUD programs in jails, including: “Aren’t you replacing one drug for another?”, “What about diversion?”, and “I just see the same people coming back to jail”. Dr. Owens reviews the difference between opioid dependence and opioid use disorder that was discussed in Part 1. Lt. Sapp returns to share how the benefits of their MOUD program have outweighed risks of diversion. In conclusion, Victor shares his story that includes 25 years of incarceration and how MOUD helped him recover from opioid use disorder.

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