Opioid Use Disorder Medications and Shared Decision Making

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Presenter(s): Paul Barry
Date: (unknown)

This module addresses the importance of shared treatment decision making by clients and providers for the treatment of opioid use disorder. The module includes: why it’s important that clients are informed and involved in their treatment decisions; three guiding principles for shared decision making; issues clients might face in making treatment decisions including stigma; OUD versus opioid dependence; benefits of medications for OUD ( buprenorphine, methadone, e.g. ); descriptions of medications for treating OUD and the potential treatment locations; how to support a client in decision making and forming a treatment plan; the importance of addressing client treatment planning quickly; and resources for providers and clients.

Three learning objectives (from the presentation):

  1. Understand that clients deserve a choice in deciding on treatment,
  2. Remember how to help clients in making this decision,
  3. Recognize some common issues in discussing each medication for OUD.

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