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Presenter(s): Cindy Gamble, MPH, CLC (AIHC)
Date: December 2022

The fifth and final session of this series is “Innovations and best practices for whole person care for people with behavioral health needs and working with AIAN partners including the health of AIAN pregnant, birthing and postpartum people“. The session includes how maternal infant health was impacted by colonization and how innovations, culture, and Indigenous knowledge allowed for our survival and our thriving. The session then focuses on Tribal/Urban behavioral health system updates (crisis response services, Behavioral Health Aides, legislation) and coordination of best practices including Indian Health Care Providers as health homes, honoring tribal sovereignty, and Tribes as governments not just clinics. The session concludes with a panel including Charlene R. Abrahamson, Family Services Director, Squaxin Island Tribe and Donald Baumer, ARNP, Associate Medical Director, didgʷálič Wellness Center. Download slides

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